Zaka - electric scooter rental in Poland, Italy, Greece, Spain, Ukraine, Romania and other European countries

About us

Zaka is a completely new take on electric scooter rental in Europe. Ride all over the city on reliable electric scooters at an affordable price! To rent a scooter, you only need a phone with internet, a couple of clicks and you can already enjoy your ride! Who said that bright emotions cannot be rented?

How it works

Why should you choose Zaka scooters?
  • Easy registration from your smartphone
  • Quick unlock by QR code
  • Free booking once a day *
  • Simple and secure payment system (Privat, Liqpay, GooglePay, ApplePay, Visa / Mastercard)
  • No need to charge the electric scooter yourself
  • Large selection of scooters in different locations of the city
  • Diverse selection of free parking zones
  • Easy to use and manage from your smartphone

Safety regulations

Use a helmet for the trip

Don't perform actions on the scooter that could cause you to fall or collide with other objects or peopleDo not use the scooter while intoxicated

Don't ride one scooter more than one person

Don't violate traffic rules when driving on the roadway, make sure your traffic is safe.

When driving in pedestrian and walking areas, follow safety precautions so as not to harm others and yourself.

When driving in pedestrian and walking areas, take precautions so as not to harm others and yourself
Download the Zaka app. To register, it is enough to indicate your phone number and enter the code that will come via sms.
After registration, you must specify the payment method - link the card directly or top up the balance in a convenient way - Apple Pay / Google Play.
  • Further, if the scooter is already nearby, just scan the QR code on the steering wheel of the scooter through the app and start the ride.
  • If there are no scooters near you, go to the app and book the closest scooter you want to rent for free, walk to it and scan the QR code to start your ride
After scanning the QR code, you will hear a sound signal, which will indicate the start of the trip, and in the application, on the screen of your phone, the Trip status will be displayed. After that, you need to remove the footrest, press the gas button, push off with one foot to accelerate the scooter. Both feet must be on the scooter until the end of the ride.
ReservationThe first 5 minutes are free, from 6 minutes the tariff is 1 UAH / minute
Ride3UAH / minute

Two or more people on the scooter are unsafe due to the increased load on the scooter and the complication of control. You can fall and harm your health, health of other people, break the scooter.

There is a fine for the ride of more than one person on the scooter. We stand for your safety and the safety of other people.

The scooter engine is designed for a fairly heavy load, but its operation may not be correct if the weight is exceeded 130 kg.
Travel and parking areas are highlighted in the app map. Zones are expanding

For your convenience, the app contains an approximate forecast of the battery charge in minutes and kilometers for each selected scooter.

When choosing a scooter, we recommend paying attention to the amount of charge in the batteries and choosing the one with the maximum charge. You can also choose the nearest scooter and drive to the scooter with the maximum charge, so as not to worry about the length of the trip.

As soon as the scooter's charge becomes low, you will receive a notification in the app, the scooter will emit a sound signal and enter eco-mode, gradually reducing the speed and power until it comes to a complete stop. If this happens, we recommend that you drive to the parking area and change the scooter to another one that will have a full charge.

The parking space is shown on the app map in BLUE color. Only in such parking zones is it possible to end the trip, then click on the “End Trip” application and take a picture of your parked scooter, thereby ending the trip. In case of emergency, for your convenience, there is a paid option to leave the scooter outside the parking area.