Kicksharing scooter rental partnership - easy launch in your city!

Start your electric scooter rental business today!

1 to 10 scooters. We offer several options that are suitable for everyone who wants to make money with us or start their own electric scooter rental company. Our team is ready to teach you how to work and show you how you can earn from $ 500 per month on one electric scooter. Scooters are your property and guarantee the safety of your investment. We offer several models of cooperation with us, namely:

Standard franchise
Self-driving scooters. This model is available in any city of Ukraine and does not require any additional conditions for launch. Your electric scooters are operated by your company.
Franchise Plus
Full transfer of scooters to our control. This model is not available in all cities. Our company manages your electric scooters.
Open a scooter rental under your own brand (White label)
Do you want to start a business under your brand? We can help you start your own electric scooter rental business in a few days.
  • Complete software package for work

  • Apps stylized for your brand

  • Website stylized for your brand

  • Payment system

  • System training

  • 24/7 technical support

  • Selection of the electric scooter fleet

  • Business trip of our specialist to your city

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